Bollywood Storm


Bollywood Storm

Bollywood Storm is a two book novel by N.K. Johel, now published as an Android app. (In alliance with EFG Publishing.) Version 1.0 consists of Bollywood Storm, Book I: New York. The subsequent version will be updated to include Bollywood Storm, Book II: Mumbai. Download and read it for free! You may purchase a hard copies at Amazon. 

Bollywood Storm is a lyrical, mystical murder mystery, set in Bollywood-style. The mazza of this story unfolds in two Books, spanning two continents.

Elanna Forsythe George is a Boston born, New York forensic scientist who only takes on cold cases. Stone cold dead cases. She solves mysteries in unusual ways with her accidentally acquired, para-mystical abilities. Her cases come to her a few years after high-powered mainstream investigations, police and legal proceedings have all failed, and there's a dead end. But she doesn't take every case. 


Product Specifications:

This app is created in partnership with e-Survey GNSS
Functions as a level book and e-Survey GNSS product catalogue
It is 100% FREE to download and easy to use
No in app purchases required
Available in iOS and Android formats
Sleek and interactive UI interface that is simple and functional
**This application does not collect user name, email or phone number

Products Categories:
Optical, Receivers, Handheld, Software, CORS, Antennae, OEM, Agriculture and UAV
Each product includes multiple high resolution images, datasheets and overviews
New products will be updated as the become available

Level Book Function:
Easy to navigate and use in the field with all levels
Ability to create and edit multiple projects off line as needed
Enter BS (back side), then from instrument height create FS (Foresight) for elevation