By Les Moncrieff R. Ac.
An Acupuncture Point Stimulus Method for Relieving Human Suffering

Bio-electrode Therapy

One out of five Canadians (and one out of three Americans) struggle with chronic pain. Meanwhile, opioid overdose is now a major cause of death for people under fifty. Since complex pain is so frequently the originating cause of opioid dependence, these two conditions have rapidly merged to form an alarming global crisis.

Bio-electrode Therapy offers a new, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment that significantly reduces or eradicates the pain of drug withdrawal, as well as many types of complex pain. Developed by a registered acupuncturist in Canada, with decades of clinical experience working with addictions, this therapy has demonstrated high effectiveness. The cost of the necessary supplies is minimal, and there are no side effects. Anyone in physical pain can learn to apply BeT protocols themselves. This application has been developed to provide people around the world easy access to those protocols.



Created in partnership with Les Moncrieff, author of "Treating Complex Pain and Opioid Withdrawal with Bio-electrode Therapy"
Compatible with Apple iOS version 13 and above
Has a simple, sleek interactive UI interface
Easy to navigate and use
Table of Contents with a list of many ailments
Search bar to quickly look up specific illnesses
Functions as guide for Bio-Electrode Therapy protocols
Clean and clear photos of each protocol
Pop-up close-ups of precise placement of each point
Can easily be used by doctors, practitioners and their patients
Choose protocols specific to men and women
Includes list of products required to carry out protocols
Has no subscription - One time fee only.
Available in iOS and Android format.
*This application does not collect user name, email or phone number