eSurvey Book


eSurvey Book

E-Survey Book is a free app for those who work in the construction industry.

e-Survey Book is a convenient app which can be used in field work as a level book. It works with any type of level to calculate elevation, Middle point and micrometer readings. If you chose not to use micrometer reading, the program will provide a zero reading. The e-Survey Book makes it much easier to work in the field. You can create projects, enter the leveling data and it's offline. This application also provides updated information about all e-Survey products, including multiple images, datasheets and an overview of each product. We will provide notifications and updates when a new product is available. If you have any questions about surveying, the application has a contact form to reach us, and we will respond as soon as possible.


Product Specifications:

This app is created in partnership with e-Survey GNSS
Functions as a level book and e-Survey GNSS product catalogue
It is 100% FREE to download and easy to use
No in app purchases required
Available in iOS and Android formats
Sleek and interactive UI interface that is simple and functional
**This application does not collect user name, email or phone number

Products Categories:
Optical, Receivers, Handheld, Software, CORS, Antennae, OEM, Agriculture and UAV
Each product includes multiple high resolution images, datasheets and overviews
New products will be updated as the become available

Level Book Function:
Easy to navigate and use in the field with all levels
Ability to create and edit multiple projects off line as needed
Enter BS (back side), then from instrument height create FS (Foresight) for elevation